IPT Rotating Equipment
IPT Rotating Equipment

IPT’s Rotating Equipment Handbook and Training Manual
Informative and Thorough

As an on-the-job reference or a primary resource for a complete training program, IPT’s Rotating Equipment books are North America’s number one source for machinery reliability and condition monitoring information. Millwrights, industrial mechanics, heavy-duty mechanics and rotating equipment technicians find both the handbook and manual invaluable assets.

Comprehensive Machinery Reliability and Condition Monitoring Information

Featuring 500 pages, 300 illustrations and 30 tables and charts, IPT’s Rotating Equipment Handbook and Training Manual discuss proven diagnostics, corrective methods and procedures for determining the condition of machinery. They can also help in the prediction of mechanical problems and contain essential vibration analysis, bearing failure analysis, performance monitoring, and safe lockout and tagout procedures.

Price: $24.95

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