Ugly's Conduit Bending Combo
Ugly's Conduit Bending Combo

Ugly’s Conduit Bending is a quick, on-the-job reference specifically designed to provide the most commonly required information on how to properly bend conduit, including information on bending types and techniques. An ideal tool for electricians, contractors, instructors, and students, this essential pocket guide uses diagrams, calculations, illustrations, photos, and quick explanations to ensure bending is completed safely and correctly. 

Ugly's Conduit Bending 2017
ISBN: 978-1-284-11944-2 

Combo Pack includes:


The WOW Watcher is made of Vertron, a space-age thermoplastic made with fiberglass and nylon compounds. This combination of materials provides a tough, but light-weight tool. A thumb screw with a brass insert is used fro securing the device to any type of conduit, in sizes 1/2" through 6", The precision bubble vile is made of acrylic, giving you a tool that is as tough as it is accurate.

Price: $28.95

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